Ready, set, Go! Merri Lynn: our amazing Lucy Tanner:  our young Joseph in every way Choir angels Kiana and Tayvia, yes, it was a lovely morning! Let's see, which version has he got us reading this time? Cassidy:  the glue that held us together Sister Jordan:  our full time missionary and choir angels Sister Lamb:  I sure wish he'd made this thing readable... Fran:  her personal story - Jay:  More choir angels No, I'm not angry... just determined... just determined... just determined... Rex:  our cosmic physicist (really) organist, and Jared, holding down the bottom end First timer Austin:  you want me to sing where? First timer Ashton:  there is no try, only do... Our wonderful floutists Why is my mouth always open?  I don't even sing in this thing... Valerie and Brandon:  Softly as Morning's Sun Alex and Melissa:  a perfect lullaby Okay, why are we clapping?  Oh, this must be What's so funny? How'd he talk us into this? Our long suffering Stake President (top) and High Counselor (bottom) More choir angels Come, Come, Ye Saints! Elders of Israel Us rehearsing in the St George Tabernacle
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